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Hunor Networking, LLC is leader in web applications software development, Information Technology consulting, domain management and hosting services. Through integration of our applications and services, customers improve business processes allowing them to achieve their market potentials and profitability goals.

Hunor Networking History

Hunor Networking LLC (aka HunorNet) has its roots in the infant days of web development, circa mid-1993. Initially focused on developing tools to disseminate e-news to the public, the founders of HunorNet worked with community based and government organizations including the State Department and foreign diplomatic circles.

As the Internet grew in popularity and website development raced onward, HunorNet was formed. The company’s mission was to provide IT solutions including website development, hosting, domain services, and e-mail services. Over the years, HunorNet’s staff gained technical skills and expanded into software development. Many of our best software features can be attributed to our diverse customer base. The wide-ranging organizations we serve have enhanced the Hunor Team’s skills and software product line. Our customers include Columbia Artist Management Inc., American Association for the Advancement of Science, US Patent & Trademark Society, AMCO Packing & Consulting Company, Mars Exploration Project and the Carnegie Institutions Astrobiology Department.

HunorNet prides itself on staying ahead of the technology curve. Our staff continues to be technologically savvy by studying and researching new developments in IT. HunorNet recognizes the importance of staying ahead of industry in order to deliver the best product to its clients.

Hunor Networking builds a long-term relationships with his customers by understanding their needs, business objectives, and available resources. Working together, Hunor Networking can provide different options and approaches to meet current and future requirements. Hunor Networking’s success in so many different industries stems from our core drive specializing in working directly with clients to find the best solution.

Our Team

We know that IT doesn’t happen without the right people. We’re proud of the cohesiveness of our team and the continuity of our leaders. Our management team has been working together, in some case, for 18 years to build Hunor and bring our vision and values to life for our clients.

We know how to recognize the best in people because that’s how we’ve built our own team. For our clients, we do nothing less.

> Árpád F. Kovács
Chief Executive Officer

Árpád F. Kovács is CEO of Hunor Networking LLC and founder of hunSYS Group.
Mr. Kovacs for many years Chairman of Patent & Trademark Office Society’s InformationTechnology Committee, which is today internationally recognized for its activities in the patent and trademark fields and has actively influenced the patent and trademark systems. He has experience growing businesses organically and through acquisition, managing development, marketing and operations, and serving diverse sets of customers from small businesses to the Fortune 500. He had developed an extensive business-to-business integration (HAHT Certified), synchronization and collaboration solution.

He has 10 years of leadership experience in financial and regulatory industry, where he improved teamwork and customer relations, achieved recognition for high sales and financial services consulting, and improved day-to-day operations. He managed and revolutionized telecommunication infrastructure design and implementation resulting in securing top wireless
companies’ contracts.

His major daily involvement is to negotiate intellectual property rights.

Mr. Kovacs, in some case over 10 years, serves on the board and advisory committees of several educational, business associations.

He earned Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Maryland, and had earned numerous certificates in the fields of finance, intellectual property law to information technology.

> Sylvia Balazs
Business Manager

> Istvan Petres
High level system and application programming director. Innovator of diverse technological products, including software, such as the first ever Content Management System (CMS). Currently, he is involved in development and marketing of a state of the art CMS product.

For a full list of contributors, contractors and associates, please contact us.

An effective manager is one that knows how to push the right buttons and motivate without being pushy and overbearing, and without begging or pleading.

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